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Zoe Winters - Bloodlust


Young Greta, who works in a bookshop, is a Therian, a cat spape shifter, who was borne in fur. Usually cat shape shifters are born in human form and die in fur as the transformation has healing abilities. They cannot shift during the first years of their life.
All shapeshifters are made of magic and their blood is a sought-after spell-enhancer. Gretas blood is even stronger as she was born in fur.
Unfortunately the tribe will sacrifice her to their gods to bring their good will over them. Greta doesn't want to die. So her mother sends her to the only person ruthless, feared and powerfull enough to protect her: the dangerous sorcerer Dayne.
He's not exactly a good guy but not so evil as they say. But which reason should he have to protect a Therian? Maybe because of Gretas strong blood?

It is a fast, enticing read with lots of sex. Unfortunately the sex scenes were skipped. (They are not skipped in part three - mated, although they are not overmuch detailed either.)

Zoe Winters has a very fine sense of sarcastic humor, which I very much enjoyed. The Blood-Lust-series is one of the most original and wellwritten reads I had this year. You should like cats for the first part of the series.


Anthony reminds me a bit on Lestat of Anne Rice but only because of his look, his ruthlessness and the style of his apartment. All other aspects of the story are most original.
He rescues a woman from death. But his blood became poisoned. This does not kill him, but it makes him unpredictable.
 He cannot withstand the temptation of redhaired Charlee anymore as he is drawn to this woman for many months. Out of his mind from the poison and the blood of the rescued woman, he goes for Charlee and nearly kills her.
Ashamed of this he wipes her memory much too much. Charlee got a complete amnesia. Anthony is in the challenge to become the next vampire leader and has a very powerfull and dangerous opponent: Linus. This man would hunt and torture poor Charlee as one of Anthony’s failed experiments.
Anthony wants to protect her. But how, if he isn’t allowed to tell her the truth about himself and she already got suspicious and is thinking she is insane?

Also a very good read. Zoe Winters shows a complete vampire society with many facetts. There are some living of blood conserves, others drinking vom the vein, but never killing the people, only wiping their memories. And then there are others who want the dark ages back.

I liked twisted Antony and Charlee with her hot temper. They are a good match.

I hope for more ebooks from Zoe Winters. She’s on the top of my list now.


Jane lived with the vampires many years. The vampires hate her because she can recognize them as the demons they are. So she thinks the only way to survive that is to become turned into one.
The last vampire that kept her has gambling debts to dangerous werewolf pack leader Cole's favour. As the vampire is not able to pay the ten grands Cole takes Jane with him to the secret home of the wolves. Cole finds himself attracted to Jane and wants to save her from the vampires. But how deep are his feelings? Will he trade protection for sex as his successorss?

The hottest story of the the first three novellas. In this part you learn something very interesting of the anchestry of the vampires and about other worlds. Zoe Winters has a very fertile imagination. This novella contains everything a paranormal romance reader can wish for.

I'm glad that I have already purchased "Save my soul".

Write faster pleeeease, Lady! Or not faster, write as good as usual as fast as you can. Thanks so much!

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